Jonah's Disappointment with God

One has to wonder what was going on in Israel when God called Jonah to preach to Nineveh.  By the account of 2 Kings 14:25, Jonah was a prophet who served Jeroboam II.  So Jonah already had a position of prominence in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.  He could have just stayed home and ignored God’s call.  What made him leave?  Did God’s call to him become so overwhelming that he was compelled to run away? 

After all, Jonah was just like us, most likely with many of the same obligations as we have.  Surely he had a home.  Perhaps also a wife and family.  What did he tell them when he left?  What did he tell the king?

Lesson 5:  Jonah’s Disappointment

The link below will take you to a website call The Bible Project.  This site contains short video summaries of the books of the bible.  Watch their lesson on Jonah to see their perspective on this story. 

The Bible Project:  Jonah

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