Judah's Place in Israel

Judah received a special blessing from his father in Genesis 49:8-12.  Jacob, in fact, foretold two important future outcomes concerning this son.  First, Judah’s family became leaders, and the second king of Israel, David, was from this family.  Future heads of the Southern Kingdom (usually referred to as Judah) were all sons of Judah.  So, in fact, the scepter did not depart from Judah and was ultimately passed on to Messiah.  This is the second outcome of which Jacob foretold.  Jesus was born in the “city of David”, a descendant of the Davidic kings, and He took up the scepter to become the king of Israel for all time, and the mediator between God and all those that call upon His name. 

- Neal

Lesson 44 Study Notes 

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