A Creation Timeline

I have handed out a few copies of this Genesis Timeline, and others of you have asked for copies.  It uses the exact ages and time periods reported in Genesis to create a timeline back to creation, placing creation at about 4000 BC.  Many believers accept this "young earth" point of view, while others struggle with it because of the confidence that science places on evolutionary theory.  I, for one, am confident in the accuracy of the bible account.  But as i have said before, numbers (and in this case the lifespans of the patriarchs) are often used as symbols in the bible.  We should be cautious not to take each and every date and number literally.  We can be certain of this:  that God created the universe in a relatively short amount of time, that the ancients lived very long lifespans, and that God chose a 75 year old man named Abram to be the father of a nation that would bless the world with forgiveness and hope.  

Kellie LewisComment