July 7, 2019


Ponderosa Christian Camp

Today kicks off the Ponderosa Christian Camp season with the beginning of the High School session. Please keep these teens and volunteers in your prayers as they learn and develop a relationship with our savior. Also please be prayerful of the next three sessions occurring this summer.  If you are interested in attending a Ponderosa session, you can register at Ponderosachristiancamp.org.

MPulse Camp

The middle schoolers and their chaperones are on their way to MPulse Leadership Camp at Abilene Christian University. Please pray for safe travels and that God will work in the hearts of these teens.


We extend our love and sympathy to Kathie Frederick in the passing of her mother, Betty Frederick-Sowell, a longtime member of the Mountainside family. Betty passed away on June 29th. Funeral services will be held at French (Lomas) on Monday, July 8th at 4:00pm with a viewing beginning at 3:00pm. Copies of Betty’s obituary can be found in the foyer.


Our prayers and condolences are extended to the Condos family as Tom’s uncle, Will Hoff, lost his battle with bone and lung cancer last week.


Nancy Sharp, wife of Al Sharp, passed away on Tuesday morning. Our prayers are with the Sharp friends and family at Northeast Church of Christ.

Transportation Needed

We are still in need of transportation for the three young AIM ladies who are doing mission work at the CSC. We would like to ask our supporters to help us in the search for reliable, affordable transportation. If anyone can help us by donating, leasing, lending or selling a vehicle or 2 we would greatly appreciate it! Please contact Garrett Schmille at 505-681-4028 or gschmille@gmail.com

Summer Fun ACCH

Donations of Summer Fun gift cards for the ACCH are still greatly appreciated.  See the flyers in the foyer for more details.

Bling Ministry

The Bling Team has placed donation boxes in various congregations across the city. Mountainside has been fantastically generous in the past by donating jewelry, purses and scarves. This year we are accepting fancy hats as well.

The proceeds for the October Bling Event go to the non-profit, faith-based Shine Program which partners congregations with schools in need in the APS system. The Bling box is located in the Family Center.


 Loyal Teens

MPULSE July 7-12th

A group of us are headed in vans to Abilene. If I have your children please be sure to pick them us at 6pm this Friday night, we will let you know if there are any delays. It’s hard to believe summer is half-way over...

MPulse (7-9 grades): July 7-12

Cliff’s: July 16

Ponderosa (4 sessions): July 7-August 4

Lake Trip : August 9-11


 From Rick’s Desk

 The Subject of Love

We use the word “love” in many different ways. On the surface we seem to love everything in the same way.  We love our spouse, our coffee, and our favorite TV show. Of course, we don’t really love all things equally, but that is how our culture uses the word. 

This week we’re shifting our focus from hope to love in our series of “What Matters Most”.  The love we will be exploring is so much more than the variety of definitions used by our society. The Christian virtue of love is special, its life changing, and it is eternal.  We will be looking into a much deeper dimension of love, one that distinguishes Christians from all other people.

Love is so important that John tells us that God IS love (1 John 4:7–8).  The bible makes it clear that the love God commands is a love that imitates His own. The love of God is literally perfect. Furthermore, we are called to reflect and mirror that love to perfection, to be perfect as He is perfect. (Matt. 5:48

Now, none of us loves perfectly, which is why we must be covered with the perfect righteousness of Christ by faith in Him alone. This is why we must constantly discipline ourselves to return to Scripture to find what love is supposed to look like. We do this because our flesh is so easily satisfied with what the world tells us; that love is only sentimental, romantic, or superficial.

Most Christians are familiar with 1 Corinthians 13.  This chapter in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians gives deep insight as to what true love really means. It’s a measuring rod by which we examine ourselves to see if this love resides in our hearts and is visible in our lives. If the Christian world actually used this chapter in this way, it would probably not be as popular as it is.  There is no other chapter in Scripture that more quickly reveals our sins than this chapter.

Its popularity may be due to its being one of the most misunderstood and least applied chapters in the Bible. We are drawn to it because of the grandeur of its theme and the beauty of its language. However, if this passage was looked at objectively by all, it would likely be repulsive to us as it reveals our shortcomings. If taken in this way, I wonder how often we would hear it in a wedding ceremony?

This chapter is actually an apostolic admonition to a church being torn apart by contentions in the church. They were behaving like the world. Paul knows love is the ultimate Christian virtue. He speaks with hyperbole, intentionally exaggerating things to make his point. In the end, if believers do not have love, (Godly love) we can’t be what God desires, we can’t be like God. Without love, our speech is nothing but noise. It is simply irritating, it’s annoying.  In the end, whatever gifts God has given us for kingdom use, we must remember the blessing of said gift as well as the blessing to the world around us is lost when love is not present. 

Love is an absolute necessity for believers.  It’s a motivation and a responsibility.  God gave us this gift because He loves us. We extend this gift because we want the world to have what we have been blessed with, “The Love of God”. Love is eternal, it never ends. Praise God!



Fern Ice, Rick Hankins’ mother, is feeling much better after her recent surgery.

Jerry Patton is pleased with the outcome of the recent procedures on his legs and is feeling well.

Sarita Peterson, friend and coworker of Jane Oberg, is battling breast cancer.

Diego Ortiz, friend of Steve Oberg, was hospitalized with seizures and may require surgery.

Prayers for our senior saints: Mary House, Tommie Bedford, Al Gil; Fran Higginbotham; Arlene DeFoor; Bill and Alice Stevens; Juanita Ortego; Gene Decker; Frank and Maria Ulibarri; Joe and Betty Groom; Dennis Mangan, Leslie Anyanonu’s father; Gloria Brannan; Rose Hensley, Latayne Scott’s mother; Delora Moore, Jackie Decker’s mother.

Continue to pray for: Dan Scott, Mike Erick, Karen Scott; Ken Hush, father of Doug Hush; Greg Kelly; Carmen Hudgins, Juanita Ortego’s daughter; Jeff Liddell; Stan Samuels, Steven Samuels’ father; James Stanesic, brother of Carol Stevens; Teresa Groom; Barbara Murphy; Lisa Walker, Steve Boberg’s niece; Babetta (Kay) Darnell, mother of Lance and Bronson; Sam Hanna; Lilah Swan, daughter of Larry and Zrita Martinez; Sharlene and Shannon, Winette and Ira Parr’s daughters; Sherry Abraham’s mother Pat; Sherry Boberg; Guylene Grady, Judy Rogers’ mother; Chris Stringham; Amanda Riccon, Sherry Abraham’s niece; Terry Padilla; Dan Scott; Lin and Jackie Decker; Aleasha Decker.


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