The Epistle of James: Wisdom in One Liners

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The twelve teachings of James:

  1. Favoritism vs. Love 2:1-13

  2. Genuine Faith 2:14-26

  3. The Tongue 3:1-12

  4. True vs. False Wisdom 3:13-18

  5. A Divided Heart 4:1-10

  6. Condemning Others 4:11-12

  7. The Arrogance of Wealth 4:13-17

  8. The Danger of Wealth 5:1-6

  9. Patience and Endurance 5:7-11

  10. Telling the Truth 5:12

  11. Faith-Filled Prayer 5:13-18

  12. Restoring Others 5:19-20

Lesson One: Introduction

Lesson Two: God’s Law for Christians

Lesson Three: Favoritism vs. Love

Lesson Four: Genuine Faith

Lesson Five: Controlling the Tongue

Lesson Six: True Wisdom

Lesson Seven: A Divided Heart

Lesson Eight: Condemnation/Arrogance

Lesson Nine: The Danger of Wealth/Patience

Lesson Ten: Faithful Prayer / Restoring Others

Lesson Eleven: Review